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AuthorTitleTypeUniversityYearLinkDate Added
Vagramian, VioletRepresentative secular choral works of Gomidas : an analytical study and evaluation of his musical styleDoctoralMiami, University of1973Link2016-04-26
Ohannessian, GarabedFruit, Vegetable, and Sericulture Cooperative Association of Anjar : a case study in cooperative development in Lebanon, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut1979Link2016-04-26
Khatchadourian, LoriSocial Logics Under Empire: The Armenian 'Highland Satrapy' and Achaemenid Rule, CA. 600-300 BCDoctoralMichigan, U of2008Link2016-04-26
Antaramian, Richard EdwardIn Subversive Service of the Sublime State: Armenians and Ottoman State Power, 1844-1896DoctoralMichigan, U of2014Link2016-04-26
Mkrtchyan, LusineAfter 1994: The Treatment of Armenian Prisoners of WarMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2015Link2015-07-10
Chakerian, AraHow to reach the unchurched ArmeniansDoctoralBiola U20142015-07-10
Ohanyan, HovelWater as a symbol of spiritual rebirth in the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Holy ChurchMaster'sBerkeley U of2015Link2015-07-10
Lazewski, Stephanie JayneInvestigating regime collapse with fsQCA : the Arab Spring and the color revolutionsMaster'sColorado Denver, U of2015Link2015-07-10
Namana, VinodMulti drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) data analysis from Medecins Sans Frontieres hospitals in ArmeniaMaster'sIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai20152015-07-10
Fele, Giolo; Tuncel, Turgut KeremMayr Hayastan Im Hairenik: Memory and the Politics of Construction of the Armenian HomelandDoctoralTrento, U of20142014-10-29
Stidger, Amy NicoleTies that bind: reimagining memory in Armenian identity formation, TheMaster'sTexas at Austin, U of2014Link2014-10-29
Doix, Vincent A.Difficultés d’application du droit international au conflit du Haut-Karabagh : effectivités et causes géopolitiques, LesMaster'sMontréal, U de2014Link2014-10-29
Abovyan, ArpiChallenges of Copyright in the Digital Age Comparison of the Implementation of the EU Legistlation in Germany and ArmeniaDoctoralFreiburg, U of20142014-10-29
Ohanian, Daniel“Cry of the Children”: Accounting for the Entry of Child Survivors of the Armenian Genocide into Canada, 1880–1930, TheMaster'sYork U20132014-02-15
Ervine, Roberta RuthYohannes Erznkac'i Pluz's 'Compilation of Commentary on Grammar'DoctoralColumbia U19882014-02-15
Portanova, Joseph JohnAssociates of Mithridates VI of Pontus, TheDoctoralColumbia U19882014-02-15
Bakalian, Anny P.From Being to Feeling Armenian: Assimilation and Identity Among American-Armenians in Metropolitan New York and New JerseyDoctoralColumbia U19892014-02-15
Kassabian, LucieLike Grains of Sand Swept up in the Wind: The Relative Contribution of Displacement Status and Ethnic Identity to Psychological Well-BeingDoctoralColumbia U19932014-02-15
Ghougassian, Vazken SarkisEmergence of the Armenian Diocese of New Julfa in the Seventeenth CenturyDoctoralColumbia U19952014-02-15
Mathews, Edward GeorgeArmenian Commentary on the Book of Genesis Attributed to Ephrem the Syrian: An Edition of the Armenian Text with Introduction, English Translation and Commentary, TheDoctoralColumbia U19962014-02-15
Barsamian, LucineAnalysis of the Literary Development of the Alexander Romance, AnMaster'sColumbia U19962014-02-15
Ghugassian, HouriTheatrical World of Levon Shant, TheMaster'sColumbia U19962014-02-15
Karayan, ArmenArmenian Nationalism at the End of the 18th CenturyMaster'sColumbia U19992014-02-15
Karayan, ElizabethReading of Shahan Shahnur, AMaster'sColumbia U20032014-02-15
Tanielian, AnoushavanNerses Lambronats'i and His Commentary on the Book of WisdomDoctoralColumbia U20032014-02-15
Millan, MeaghanDisintegration of Ottoman-Armenian Relations in the Tanzimat and Hamidian Periods, 1839-1896, TheMaster'sColorado at Boulder, U of2011Link2014-01-20
Riegg, StephenClaiming the Caucasus: The Evolution of Russian Imperialism in Armenia, 1801-1894DoctoralNorth Carolina at Chapel Hill, U of20132013-12-24
Clem, Ralph ScottChanging Geography of Soviet Nationalities and Its Socioeconomic Correlates, TheDoctoralColumbia U19762013-12-24
Sahagian, Helen AnahitChronicle of Petros di Sarkis Gilanentz, TheMaster'sColumbia U19762013-12-24
Ghougassian, Vazken SarkisVrt'anes K'ert'ol: An Armenian Seventh Century Church Leader and WriterMaster'sColumbia U19782013-12-24
Marcus, AbrahamPeople and Property in Eighteenth Century AleppoDoctoralColumbia U19792013-12-24
Barsoumian, Hagop LevonArmenian Amira Class of Istanbul, TheDoctoralColumbia U19802013-12-24
Arzoumanian, ZavenHistory of Lewond, the Eminent Vardapet of the Armenians: Translation, Introduction, and CommentaryDoctoralColumbia U19842013-12-24
Motyl, Alexander JohnEthnic Stability of the Soviet Multinational State: Conceptualization, Interpretation Case Study, TheDoctoralColumbia U19842013-12-24
Avdoyan, LevonPseudo-Yovhannēs Mamikonean's History of Tarōn: Historical Investigation, Critical Translation and Historical and Textual CommentariesDoctoralColumbia U19852013-12-24
Minasian, Armen D.Settlement Problems of Armenians in FresnoMaster'sCalifornia State U, Fresno19722013-11-09
Kloss, HelmutGardens of Armenian-Americans in Fresno, California: Food and Medicinal PlantsMaster'sCalifornia State U, Fresno19742013-11-09
Manoogian, Margaret A.Armenian Genocide: Blueprint for the Holocaust, TheMaster'sClark U19842013-11-09
Suny, RonaldBaku Commune, 1917-1918: Political Strategy in a Social Revolution, TheDoctoralColumbia U19682013-11-09
Golden, Peter BenjaminQ'azars: Their History and Language as Reflected in the Islamic, Byzantine, Caucasian, Hebrew and Old Russian Sources, TheDoctoralColumbia U19702013-11-09
Tyson, Michael J.Russian language prestige in the states of the former Soviet UnionMaster'sNaval Postgraduate School2009Link2013-09-17
Williams, JessicaNagorno Karabakh Conflict: problems and possibilities for conflict resolution, TheMaster'sGeorgia Southern U2009Link2013-09-17
Ghahramanyan, GayaneArmenian exchange rates: empirical analysis and policy implicationsMaster'sColorado, U of20012013-09-17
Jones, Lynn AnneBetween Byzantium and Islam: Royal iconography and the Church of the Holy Cross at AghtamarDoctoralIllinois, U of19952013-09-17
Tchantouridze, LachaCaucasia as an international regionMaster'sQueen's U19962013-09-17
Merian, Sylvie L.Structure of Armenian bookbinding and its relation to Near Eastern bookmaking techniques, TheDoctoralColumbia U19932013-09-17
MacDougall, James CharlesPost-Soviet strategic alignment: the weight of history in the South CaucasusDoctoralGeorgetown U2009Link2013-09-17
Anakhasyan, EmmaBlood Lead Level and Decreased Intelligence Quotient in Four Years Old Children in Alaverdi City and Shengavit District of YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Aramyan, LilitSurvey of Parents of Children with Epilepsy in Yerevan, Armenia, Knowledge, Attitude, Compliance with TreatmentMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Artsruni, AnnaProposal for "Fat Consumption in Adult Age and Risk of Breast Cancer Development" Case-Control Study in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Asmangulyan, InessaImplementation of Educational Program for families with Mentally Disabled Persons in Kotayk Marz, CharentsavanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Ghavalyan, GayaneIdentification of Maternal Risk Factors Responsible for Infant Birth Defects in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Hakobyan, LianaPhysical Activity Prevalence and Barriers to Physical Activity among Yerevan Adult PopulationMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Kasyan, LianaIdentification of the Risk Factors for Cerebral Palsy in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Khachatryan, HenrikQualitative Study to Explore the Knowledge and Attitude of Pregnant Women Regarding HIV/AIDS Testing in Kotayk Region and in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Khachiyan, InnaEffect of Sociodemographic Variables on Children Spacing in Yerevan, AnMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Khurshudyan, MariettaExploration of Attitudes of Medical Practitioners to Mental Health Services Integration in Primary Care in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Martirosyan, HripsimePrevalence of Thyroid Gland Enlargement Among 10-17 Year Old Female Schoolchildren in Yerevan, Armenia: Screening SurveyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Martirosyan, LianaSurvey on Self-Medication with Antibiotics in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Mkrtchyan, SusannaAvailability and Accessibility of Insulin and Insulin Supplies among Insulin-Dependent Patients in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Munkh-Erdene, LuvsanAssessment of Mongolian Health Insurance Coverage among Two Vulnerable Groups: Herdsmen and Students, AnMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Nanushyan, LenaCommunity Based Health Insurance Schemes in Rural Communities of Armenia: Perspectives for EnhancementMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Nedera, OleseaImplementation of DOTS Strategy for Tuberculosis Control in the Republic of Moldova. From Theory to Practice: Opinions of Medical PersonnelMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Papiyeva, IrinaPredisposing Factors for the Development of Bronchial Asthma in Children under 15 Years Old in Yerevan, Armenia: A Case-Control StudyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Perean, EcaterinaQuality of Life of Drug Abusers' Family Members: A Qualitative Study in MoldovaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Petrosyan, KamillaExternal Factors Influencing the Work of Family Physicians in Armenia. A Qualitative Research StudyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Sarkissyan, NarekAlcohol Consumption and Colorectal Cancer: A Case-Control Study in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Sevoyan, MariaEvaluation of the Effectiveness of Colchicine Therapy in Preventing Renal Amyloidosis in Patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Simyan, RuzannaEffect of Mothers' Oral Health Related Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior on the Oral Health of Their 6-7 Year Old Children in Yerevan, Armenia, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Tadevosyan, AnahitDental Caries, Oral Hygiene Skills, and Nutritional Skills of Sisian Schoolchildren Aged 12Master'sAmerican U of Armenia2005Link2013-09-02
Arakelyan, StellaInvestigation of Reproductive Risk Factors for Endometrial Cancer Development Among Women Aged 45-75 years in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Atabekyan, LianaKnowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Pregnant Women Regarding Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Yerevan and Nor-Hachn, Armenia 2007: a Qualitative studyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Dolyan, NuneAvailability and Affordability of Modern Methods of Contraception in Pharmacies and Primary Health Care Facilities of Five Health Networks in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Ghazaryan, VaruzhanImplementation and Evaluation of School-based Dental Caries Preventive Program, ProposalMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Grigoryan, RuzannaInvestigating Reasons for High Patient Satisfaction Given Low Utilization of Health Care Services, Armenia, 2007: Qualitative ResearchMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Hovhannisyan, MarineDietary Changes of First-year Foreign Students Studying at Yerevan State UniversityMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Kentenyants, KarineEffectiveness of the “Social Assistance and Information for TB Patients” Project in Abovyan, Armenia: a Pilot StudyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Nahapetyan, AidaRelationship Between Patients’ Knowledge about Post Operative Risk Factors after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) and Adherence to Medication and Lifestyle Changes in Armenia (A cross-sectional study)Master'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Poghosyan, HermineBeliefs and Attitudes of Rural Nurses in Lori Marz, Armenia toward Contraceptive Methods: A qualitative studyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Seferian, NazarethSale of Tobacco to Minors in Yerevan:
A Mixed Methods Study, The
Master'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Simonyan, MayaDignity and Health Related Quality of Life of Adult Residents of Yerevan, Comparative Survey of Refugee and Non-Refugee RespondentsMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Tiroyan, MarinaInvestigation of Obstacles for Early Detection of
Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Children, A Qualitative Research Study
Master'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Torchyan, ArmenKnowledge of the Armenian population about healthy nutritionMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Udumyan, RuzanSystemic Hypertension and Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: a Case- Control Study in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2007Link2013-09-02
Amirkhanyan, YelenaDetermination of Attack Precipitating Factors for Familiar Mediterranean FeverMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Asatryan, ArlettaEvaluation of Mini-Tennis Program for Yerevan First Grade schoolchildren 6-7 Years of AgeMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Aydinyan, LusineCommunity-Based Clinical Trial among Yerevan Women to Determine the Effect of a Breast Cancer Intervention ProgramMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Bakalyan, ZaruhiExploratory Study on Condom Use among Sex Workers and Their Clients in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Danielyan, YelizabethQualitative Study of the Medical Waste Management in Selected Hospitals in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Gharagyozyan, ArmineQualitative Study to Explore Reasons for Smoking among Teenage Girls in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Grigoryan, AstghikConcentration of Lead in Soil and Dust and Blood Lead Levels in Alaverdi Children: Research Grant ProposalMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Grigoryan, LarissaCement Dust and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Nested Case-Control Study among Plant WorkersMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Hovhannisyan, GoharWartime Stressors: Impact on the General Health Status of Population in Stepanakert Aged 40 Years and OverMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Khachatryan, ArtakGastroprotective Medications in Primary and Secondary Prevention of Stress Ulceration in Adult Patients Undergoing Cholecystectomy: Randomized clinical TrialMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Najaryan, OvsannaStudy of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Armenian Women with Regard to Pap ScreeningMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Oksuzyan, AnnaEvaluation of Medical Records Documentation in the Adult Cardiology Clinic at Nork Marash Center: A Cross -Sectional Study, AnMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Sardaryan, KnarEnvironmental Tobacco Smoke (ETB): Assessment of Patients' Awareness and BehaviorMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Saroyan, LusineCross-Sectional Survey on Hypertension Prevalence, Frequency of Risk Factors and Compliance Practices in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Yeritsyan, NairaImpact on Enhanced Patient Education Program among Surgical Coronary Heart Disease Patients at Nork Marash Medical CenterMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2001Link2013-08-25
Abrahamyan, LusineResearch on Lost to Follow-up of Patients at the Outpatient Clinic of Nork Marash Medical CenterMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Amirjanyan, AraNational Drug Provision Policy for Armenia: Compulsory Household Drug CoverageMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Avetisyan, TigranPilot Study to Determine Prevalence of Oral Disorders among Schoolchildren and Their Oral Health Care Knowledge in Metsavan Village, Lori MarzMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Dadivanyan, AraCervical Cancer Screening in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Davtyan, AnahitWaste Management Educational Program among 10th Grade Students of School N190, Malatia-Sebastia, B-2 Community, in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Gevorgyan, AnushImplementation and Evaluation of School-Based Anti-Smoking Health Education ProgramMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Gevorgyan, DianaTraining Program for Yerevan Family Physicians on Antibiotic PrescriptionMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Gharakhanyan, NairaPredictors of Health in Children Aged 2-9 in Noyemberyan Region of Tavoush Marz, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Ghazaryan, VarduhiSurvey on the Attitude of Yerevan Otorhinolaryngologists towards the Significance of Allergic Rhinitis and its Current Treatment Strategy, AMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Ghazaryan, GayanePossible Determinants of Birth Defects Responsible for Perinatal Mortality in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Hakobyan, MariannaEvaluating the Effectiveness of an Iron Deficiency Anemia and Nutrition Educational Program in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Harutyunyan, HasmikFinancing of the Health Care System in the Republic of Armenia in the Period of 1999-2001: Perspectives for ImprovementMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Hovhannisyan, GayaneAnemia and Hypertension as Risk Factors for Preterm Delivery in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Khachkalyan, TerezaAssociation Between Health Risk Knowledge and Risk Behavior among Medical Students and Residents in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Manukyan, HasmikPrevalence of Thyroid Gland Enlargement among 18-20 Year Old Female University and College Students in Yerevan, Armenia: Screening SurveyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Minasyan, HaykanushParental Perceptions, Attitudes, and Practices toward Unintentional Injuries among Children in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Navoyan, GoharCase-Control Study of Corneal Arcus and Coronary Heart Disease in Yerevan, AMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Pakhlyan, BellaAssessment of Practices and Knowledge about Analgin and Other Pain Medication Use among Armenian PopulationMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Poghosyan, LusineQualitative Study among Rural Nurses of ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Sahakyan, AnushRisk Factors Associated with the Development of Atopic Dermatitis among Children in Yerevan: A Case-Control StudyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Sahakyan, VeronikaHealth Threat from Counterfeit Drugs and Strategies for its Prevention in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Sakanyan, GannaInfluence of Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Family Factors on Morbidity in Children under Three Years of Age in Yerevan: A Case-Control StudyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Sargsyan, ArayikEvaluating the Sustainability of Family Physicians' Knowledge in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Sargsyan, KristineSmoking Cessation Program among Military Recruits in Armenian Preparatory Army UnitsMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Sargsyan, NairaEvaluation Program for Training Component of the National Program for Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Sargsyan, VictoriaPromotion of Optimal Breastfeeding Practices through Introduction of "Mother Support Groups"Master'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Simonyan, KarinePrimary Health Care Development in the Republic of Armenia and Perspectives for EnhancementMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Srapyan, ZaraQuality of Life and Depression among Elderly Retirement Home Residents of Yerevan, Armenia: A Comparative Survey of Retirement Home Residents and Household Respondents Aged 65 Year Old and OverMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Truzyan, NuneBaseline Assessment of the Microbial Contamination of Lori Cheese Sold in Yerevan MarketsMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Yaghjyan, LusineMeat, Cooking Methods and Risk of Colorectal Cancer: A Case-Control Study in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia2003Link2013-08-25
Adamyan, MarineAnthropometric Assessment of Nutritional Status of Children Aged 8-12 in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Aslanyan, GarryEffectiveness of a Health Education Program for Pregnant Women in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia19972013-08-21
Beglarian, AraAssessment of Susceptibility Risk Factors and Course Predictors at Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies (SPA)Master'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Gevorgyan, RuzannaExploration of the Attitudes, Behaviors and Knowledge of CHD Patents in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Ghazanchyan, AnahitKnowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Smoking in Armenia. National Antismoking Program Baseline DataMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Grigoryan, KarineDeterminants and Outcomes of exclusive Breastfeeding in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Hakobyan, TatulCoronary Heart Disease Prevention Program in Sisian Town, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Hovakimyan, Lianaase Investigation and Case-Control Study of Breast Cancer in Young WomenMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Janibekyan, ZaruhiPerceptions, Attitudes and Practices of Postpartum Nurses Regarding the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Khachatryan, ArthurProspective Use of Hospice Care in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Khachatryan, NairaCase-Control Study of Glaucoma Patients in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Mangasaryan, NuneEvaluation Plan for Pilot Primary Health Care Development Program - The subcomponent of World Bank Assisted Primary Health Care Development ProjectMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Markosyan, KarineExploration of Issues Surrounding Health Education in Yerevan's SchoolsMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Meyroyan, LusineGrant Proposal for "Childbirth Education" Classes in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Mkhitaryan, RuzannaEvaluation Plan for Primary Medical Care Improvement in Seven Villages of Masis RegionMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Movsisyan, NarineHypertension Case Management in Yerevan Ambulatory SettingsMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Panajyan, GoharEvaluation Proposal for Family Planning Educational Program, AnMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Tadevosyan, NellyInvestigation of Main Risk Parameters for Mental Retardation Development in PKU Patients in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Topchyan, SvetlanaExploration of Smoking Patterns among Mails of Age 25-35 in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1997Link2013-08-21
Aleksandryan, GoharKnowledge Assessment of Care-Takers of Children from 2 to 6 Years Old Living in Bureghavan about Lead Exposure and Lead PoisoningMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Avagyan, ArusiakEducation Program for Non-Insulin-Dependent (Type 2) Diabetes Mellitus Patients, Aged 40-45, in Yerevan and Evaluation of the ProgramMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Aznauryan, AlinaRisk Factors of Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Infants under 2 Years of Age in Yerevan: A Case-Control StudyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Badalyan, VaheCase Control Study Aimed at Revealing Risk Factors of Low Birth Weight in Yerevan CityMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Chilingaryan, GevorgDental Health Education Program among Mothers of the Children Aged 2-6 Years Old in Davidashen Hamaynq (District) of YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Demirchyan, AnahitIdentification of Educational Needs on Breastfeeding among Armenian Mothers and Preparation of Appropriate Educational Materials for ThemMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Ghukasyan, GayaneExplorative Study on Risk Factors Contributing to HIV Infection in Intravenous Drug Users Population in Yerevan, ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Harutyunyan, TsovinarBreast Self-Examination Practice in Yerevan WomenMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Hovhannisyan, LianaAssessment of Nutrition Knowledge and Fat, Fruit, Grain, Vegetables Consumption in Coronary Heart Disease Patients in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Khachatryan, ArtashesAssessment of Knowledge and Practice of Non-Insulin Diabetes Patients Living in Davidashen District of Yerevan during 1999 about Prevention of Diabetes ComplicationsMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Kocharyan, HasmikCost-Effective Analysis in Definition of Priority Setting of Health Care Services for Basic Benefit Package of Armenia, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia19992013-08-21
Martirosyan, ArmenHypertension and Cigarette Smoking: A Case-Control Study of Hypertension Patients in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Manukyan, RouzannaDental Health Educational Program for Mentally Retarded ChildrenMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Melkonyan, ZaraAge as a Risk Factor for Hepatitis A among of Children 0-4 Years OldMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Mirzoyan, LusineIron-Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy: Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Pregnant Women in YerevanMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Mkrtchyan, ZaruhiChildhood Disability Due to Cerebral Palsy and Its Impact on the FamilyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia19992013-08-21
Muradyan, IrinaInvestigation of Determinants of Drug Compliance among Hypertensive Patients in Yerevan, Armenia, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Sianozova, MariamSocioeconomic Status of Household and Child Morbidity in ArmeniaMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Stepanyan, MarinePatient-Dependent Characteristics Related to Poor Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes in Yerevan: A Case-Control StudyMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Stepanyan, RuzannaFamily Medicine Training Program Evaluation ProjectMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Yeghiazaryan, ZaruhiTV Violence Related Issues in Yerevan: Assessment of Children's Exposure to Media Violence; Exploration of Parents' Opinions, Attitudes, and Knowledge about TV as an Influential Factor on Health and Behavior of ChildrenMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Yenokyan, GayaneEvaluation Plan for Assessing Health Beliefs, Utilization and Satisfaction of Yerevan Adult Population with Outpatient Services Provided by District Physicians at Yerevan PoliclinicsMaster'sAmerican U of Armenia1999Link2013-08-21
Karadjian, Layla Archavir“Sanjack Camp”: A Study of a Lebanese Slum AreaMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19862013-08-08
Chaghatzbanian, YeranouhiContrastive analysis of American English and West Armenian question patterns and the preparation of model lesson plans, AMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19662013-07-14
Betian, SalpiApplication and adaptation of the SRA Word Games to Armenian elementary schools, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19702013-07-14
Kassabian, HagopContrastive analysis of stress in colloquial West Armenian and American English, AMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19712013-07-14
Simonian, Teny AnoushavanAssimilation patterns of rural and urban Armenian communities in LebanonMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19712013-07-14
Jeranian, Panos SCatholic Armenian and Maronite relations in Mount Lebanon, 1720-1840Master'sAmerican U of Beirut19712013-07-14
Kazazian, SosyExperiment in teaching reading to Armenian students, AnMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19732013-07-14
Barsoumian, Satenig SetaDavid Invictus (Tavit Anhaght) : concept of philosophyMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19692013-07-14
سلمانيان، جان جاك
Salmanian, Jean-Jacques
مشكلات تعلم الطلاب الارمن للغة العربية في لبنان وطرق معالجتها
Arabic Language Learning by Armenian Lebanese Students. Problems and Solutions
Master'sAmerican U of Beirut19792013-07-14
Takhtajian, VartkesSeparation of the Armenian Catholics from the Armenian Apostolic Church in the eighteenth century, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut19722013-07-14
Beukian, Beurki; Haroutioun, SevanTransition process after the Soviet Union : competitive authoritarianism, Karabakh and oil politics in Armenia and Azerbaijan, TheMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut20072013-07-14
Hoogasian, Mary MargaretGenocide past and present : a comparison of three Armenian-American writers- Saroyan, M.J. Arlen and BalakianMaster'sAmerican U of Beirut20002013-07-14
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